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We bring you the ultimate quality Matcha from UJI Kyoto.

Yamari's history dates back to 1860 in UJI Kyoto, which is world-famous for its high quality matcha.
As a tea dealer, we use only the best in quality green tea from UJI. The yield may be modest, but the taste is in another world.
Our UJI Matcha powder is made from premium tea leaf buds, stone-milled the old-fashioned way, for a distinctively rich aroma and mellow flavor. 
We wish to bring home the authentic tea taste of UJI in our merchandise.

For a further glimpse into the matcha cultivation methods behind Yamari's products, and the main store in Uji, please view the following links:   

Uji Covered Tea Park

Uji Main Store & Teahouse

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